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6 Essential Apps For Homeowners “In The Know”

If you’re like us, you’re glued to your smartphone.

Whether it’s checking Facebook, editing your latest selfie, or creating a shopping list for a Sunday trip to Home Depot, it feels nearly impossible to step away from our phones throughout the day.

But do we really even want to?

After all, the apps on our smartphones keep us better connected to our prospects and clients, allowing us to provide exceptional customer service around the clock, be it submitting offers, reviewing agreements, or answering questions and responding to the latest comments on Facebook.

As great as smartphones are at helping us connect and communicate, there are some awesome apps for homeowners in particular that help to enrich the experience of owning a home.

Our Favourite Apps for Homeowners

From budgeting and finance to home improvement and comfort, here are 6 apps for homeowners that we feel you should download today!

1. Best app for budget tracking

best apps for home owners

Mint is the best app for budget tracking.

We love Mint. Why? It makes managing your personal finances so easy.

Mint gathers all of your financial information in one place. From your hydro bill to your work lunch this afternoon (and everything in between), Mint provides users with graphs and statistics to make sense of where your hard earned pay cheque is going.

This app is ideal for those of us wanting to keep a close eye on our budget.

Mint is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

2. Best app for homeowners moving to a new neighbourhood

Best Apps for Home Owners

Yelp is the best app for finding new restaurants and neighbourhood cafes.

Yelp is a community within a community. Not only can you find local cafes with great reviews, you can engage and connect with like-minded people on the app.

We love Yelp for home owners who are new to their communities. One of the most intimidating parts of moving to a new neighbourhood is not knowing where the best coffee spot is or where you’ll grab eggs at the last minute for some Sunday baking. With Yelp, you can find the greatest nearby shops with reviews and pictures included.

Yelp is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

3. Best app for home renovations

best app for homeowners

HomeZada is ideal for the home owner working through new renovations.

HomeZada is the perfect app for home owners who are planning renovations in their new property. This app allows users to plan and sort through data for insurance, maintenance, remodelling, and financial purposes.

With HomeZada, you can manage renovation budgets, conduct brand research, plan your costs, take photos and complete docs you’ll need to manage for home improvements and renovations.  Our favourite part is that it allows you to keep receipts within the app, so you’ll have it handy next time you need to gather purchases for tax or budgeting purposes.

HomeZada is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

4. Best app for home organization

best apps for homeowners

BrightNest is the ideal app for home organization.

BrightNest allows you to keep your home organized (without breaking a sweat). This app contains a personal calendar and a reminder tool, allowing you to schedule those recurring tasks – like cleaning your new bathroom or organizing your home office.

We also love that BrightNest comes with thousands of DIY projects, design and organizing tips, like how to change your new air filters and how to create a natural, home made disinfectant spray. It’s a must-have for home owners.

BrightNest is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

5. Best app for room planning and design

best apps for homeowners

Photo Measures is the best app for planning and designing your new home

Have you ever found yourself in a Home Depot ready to pick-up new baseboards for your home, only to realize that you’re not quite certain what the length of your wall? How could you have forgotten?

We’ve all been there – and guessing is never the answer.

That’s where Photo Measures originated.

This app promises to be the easiest way to save measurements on your smart phone. With this app, you can snap a photo and add measurements to each area of your room. You can also zoom in and out of each area, which makes it so easy to shop for those baseboards.

Photo Measures is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

6. Best app for home improvement and inspiration

best apps for homeowners

Houzz is a social network dedicated to interior design inspiration.


We love Houzz. With home inspiration coming from interior designers and home owners alike, there are so many different projects and dream boards available each and every day on this network.

If you haven’t heard of Houzz, the concept is simple; it’s essentially Facebook for your home. You can share ideas, find professionals, shop products and get advice from a large, mostly North American-based community. Anyone can sign-up and share their projects or simply look for inspiration on their own.

Good luck going distraction-free for the next few days, home owners!

Houzz is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and on Amazon.

BONUS: Best ‘cool’ app for a smart home

cool apps for homeowners

Smart technology can increase the value of your home – smart tech like Nest.

Did you know? 81% of current smart home device owners say they would be more willing to buy a home with connected tech in place. That’s huge – and it isn’t the only statistic that indicates home buyers and sellers are becoming increasingly interested in a smart, connected home. In fact, 66% of the same-survey respondents said they would leave their smart-home products behind if they thought their house would sell faster as a result.

Our “bonus app” is, naturally, a smart home app – the Nest Learning Thermostat. This thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home through your smart phone. As you continue to use the app over time, Nest will learn your behavior; the product will begin to understand what time you get home, your preferred room temperature when you wake-up and even when your family is out of the home. It allows you to save energy on your heating and energy bill, while being connected to your home.

Nest is available on Amazon and comes with a free accompanying app.

These apps have made our lives so much easier. From balancing budgets to organizing homes, we’re sure you’ll love these new additions to your smart phone.

Do you have the latest and greatest smart phone apps that you love to use? Share with us on Facebook.

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