Why Oxford County Is Among The Best Places To Retire In Ontario

Ahh, retirement.

The kids are gone, the house is paid off, and Sunday afternoons are yours to re-discover!

The only question that remains is, where to retire to?

As an Oxford County native, father of 3 grown children, and a realtor here, I can say with the upmost confidence that this little paradise just west of London, Ontario truly does have it all for anyone looking to retire in Oxford County.

Why You Should Retire In Oxford County


Although outsiders may consider Oxford County too small to settle in, they couldn’t be farther from the truth.

With a humble population of just over 100,000 residents happily settled in 6 townships, Oxford County contains some of Ontario’s most valued farmland, and is home to some of the most quaint, picturesque and friendly towns you’ll find anywhere on the map.

Oxford County offers any retiree plenty to look forward to whether your golden years will consist of golfing or outdoor activities all year long, or enjoying some quiet time on a porch or patio, reading a book and reflecting on the ‘good old days’.

So, if you are still aren’t convinced that Oxford County is the perfect place to retire to in Ontario, we’ve compiled a list of three reasons to buy a home and retire in here.


1. Value


RETIRE IN OXFORD COUNTY 2 (1)Let’s face it, not everyone is prepared to spend their retirement at Craigowan Golf & Country Club, sipping scotch or chardonnay all afternoon while talking stocks, which is what makes Oxford County even that much more appealing to retirees looking for value when they settle into their new home.
When compared to other popular retirement cities such as Kingston and Burlington, Oxford County provides exceptional value for your money, especially when you consider its proximity to larger urban areas such as London and Kitchener, both just a short drive away.

According to MoneySense report of 200 Best Cities To Live In Canada, 3 out of the 6 towns that make up Oxford County are on the list, with Stratford (just outside Oxford County) sitting at  #7 as well as #3 on their list of Top 10 Cities To Retire To In Canada.

Get More By Downsizing To Oxford County

The fact that most retirees typically downsize, if and when they decide to settle, makes this rural community even that much more appealing considering the average price of a home here is almost 1/2 that of the provincial average ($254,450 v. $477,000), and significantly lower than neighbouring London and Waterloo Regions.

Not only will your choice to settle here keep more money in your bank account, but it will also increase your quality of life. Take the edge of Woodstock for an example. There are some great condos in the Cowan Park area that offer incredible views looking over the Pittock Conservation area and the Thames River. Well groom tree-lined walking trails are right out the backdoor. A five minute drive and you are downtown where all the amenities you could want await, including grocery stores, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants as well as unique one-of-a kind shops are all easy to access.

So whether you’re looking to just to relocate, or you plan to downsize to a smaller home that better suits your retirement lifestyle, Oxford County’s unbeatable value will ensure you get everything you want in a home without dipping into your “fun money”.


2. Proximity

retire ontario

Map of Oxford County, Ontario

As I mentioned earlier, the proximity of Oxford County to nearby cities such as London, Kitchener and Waterloo, as well as not too far away Toronto, Hamilton and the U.S.A. make it an even more desirable retirement locale than it’s scenic farmlands and slow paced lifestyle already make it.

As the largest city in Oxford County, Woodstock is nestled right where the 403 and 401 intersect, making it accessible from all directions, ensuring your kids can’t use getting there as an excuse not to visit! Should you find yourself itching for a good old Costco trip, or a Baseball steak from the Keg, as a Woodstock homeowner you’re just 30 minutes from London (west), 30 minutes from Kitchener (east), and 30 minutes from Brantford (north), leaving you hard pressed to find anything you’d have to go without (jumbo packs of toilet paper included).


What good is retirement if you can’t explore the world around you, right? For those of you with the desire to head south to the U.S. either to visit family, shopping, or for leisure, the Canada/U.S. border is just a short drive down the 401/402 to Sarnia.

Should you prefer a local day trip with a scenic drive, Stratford is just a couple towns over which hosts the world renowned Stratford Festival each year. Or if the grandkids are in town you could always earn some brownie points and take them to visit African Lion Safari in nearby Cambridge. And finally, for those adventurous couples that want a memorable night out, both Toronto and Niagara Falls are less than 2 hours away.


3. Small town feel with big(ish) town amenities

At the end of the day Oxford County is a blue collar farm town with some of the nicest people you’ll meet in your life.

It’s known for it’s friendly nature, and it’s that sense of community and small town feel that make it an ideal place to relocate to and make new friends quickly.

Regardless of where you live in Oxford County, you’ll feel like you’re in a small town due to the obvious absence of tall building, downtown cores and of course “rush hour”!

Something you won’t miss in your new neighbourhood are the little things that make it feel like home such as community events, festivals, and shopping for all the essentials.

Whether you come here from a big city or another small town, your daily routine won’t miss a beat. Whether your thing is outdoor activities during the day, and/or dinner theatre in the evenings, Oxford County’s various trails, parks, golf courses, shopping, theatre, and restaurants will keep you busy!


There’s no question that starting anew can be both a daunting and exciting time in your life, and where you call home will likely determine the quality of your golden years, which is why a place like Oxford County is ideal for retirees given the fact that you can get (much) more for less, you’re far enough away from the city that it feels rural, but close enough that it’s not inconvenient, and the people here will make it feel like home the day you arrive.

So take a Sunday afternoon, hop on the 401 and come see us in Oxford County, Ontario!

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